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[-] What is this site about?
 Envirosphere is an informational site on digisubbing and availability of anime in English-speaking areas.
[-] Can I download from you?
 No. Envirosphere lists information on digisub releases, digisub groups and anime licenses. There is nothing to download here, only information and discussion.
[-] Where can I download?
 Please visit the specific digisub groups to find out how you can obtain their fansubs. Almost all digital fansub groups are based on IRC, and most also have websites. Our group listing shows most digital fansub groups we have knowledge of, including links to their IRC channels and web pages, when applicable.
[-] What can I find on your site?
 Envirosphere consists of the following sections:

Site News: This is the main page. Whenever we feel like telling you something, we'll post it here.
Site Login: In order to contribute, for example by writing anime reviews or participating in the forum, you need to register an account and log in. You can do that here.
Fansub Releases: Here you can find an updated list of available digisubs.
Fansub Search: If you want to quickly find info on a specific fansub release, this is your choice.
Fansub Groups: A listing of almost all digisub groups we know of. You can see their past releases, find out where they are located as well as read and post comments on them.
Anime Series and Movies: Here, you can find out about anime series' fansub- and commercial availability (among other info). Also includes a list of license rumors.
Web Forums: In the forums, you can discuss with us and with other users. You need to log in to your account if you want to do more than just reading.
FAQ: This very page!
Links: Our collection of interesting web links.

In addition, you can find us on IRC. You need an IRC client, such as mIRC. Please connect to the server and join the channel #animecentral.
[-] What is anime?
 Japanese cartoons.
[-] Where is all that Japanese cartoon porn I keep hearing of?
 Indeed, such things exist. They're called "hentai", "H", "ecchi", and so on. You won't find listings of explicit titles on Envirosphere, partly because the IRC network on which our channel is located does not tolerate porn. Also, if we listed such titles, it might be illegal for people in certain countries to even visit our site. We don't want to get ourselves, you, or the IRC network in trouble, so we decided not to advertise these shows here.
[-] What are digisubs?
 "Digisubs" is short for digital fansubs, or fansubs that have been created completely in the digital domain using computer software and without the help of traditional video equipment. The distribution of digisubs is fully digital, usually through file sharing on the Internet. Almost all recent computers can play them with little or no additional software installed.
[-] What are fansubs?
 "Fansub" comes from "fan subtitled". Fansubs are anime episodes that have been translated, subtitled and distributed on a non-commercial basis (by fans for fans), to make the particular shows popular in markets outside of Japan. Fansubs are usually the only way for fans without knowledge of the Japanese language to watch and understand anime series that are not (yet) available outside of Japan.
[-] Are all anime video files called "digisubs" or "fansubs"?
 No! Here are a few examples of what might look like a digisub at first glance but isn't:
- copies/rips of commercially subtitled DVDs.
- digital copies (captures) of commercially subtitled or fansubbed video tapes.
- recordings of commercially subtitled TV broadcasts.
[-] What is Envirosphere's role in digisubbing?
 We are not producing digisubs ourselves. We are collecting release dates and other info on English digisubs, providing a comprehensive overview of the digisubbing community's daily releases of unlicensed anime. We do not list traditional VHS fansubs or digital copies of traditional VHS fansubs, nor do we list copies of so-called bootlegs or episodes/movies that already have subtitles on the original Japanese release. We also have a web forum and an IRC channel where you can discuss anime, digisubbing, and other things. You're welcome to visit us there!
[-] Aren't fansubs illegal copies? Can I get sued for downloading or sharing?
 The animes are of course copyrighted in Japan and maybe other countries, too. Therefore, in those and in every other country that has signed the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works - and that means almost all countries around the world - creating copies of these animes violates their copyright. So far, fansubs are mostly tolerated by the Japanese companies, though. It is not the fansubbers' intention to hurt either the Japanese companies that produce anime or the companies that license the anime for distribution on non-Japanese markets. This is why fansubbers (should) cease creation and distribution of fansubs once the title in question is licensed in their geographic and/or language area. There have been occurrences in the past when a Japanese company has asked fansubbers to stop distributing their property, as well as cases when domestic licensees have asked fansubbers to stop distributing the shows they licensed. The latter usually happens to fansubbers who continue to create and/or distribute fansubs of a title after it has been licensed. There have been no known fansub-related lawsuits as of now. Technically, though, you can get sued for offering/sharing digisubs anytime (or even for downloading in some countries).
[-] What does "licensed" mean?
 The term "licensed" is used to refer to shows whose distribution rights for certain parts of the world have been acquired by a third party. Japanese companies usually distribute anime inside of Japan only and sometimes in parts of Asia. Any distribution for the rest of the world is dependent on third party companies that might "license" the title. Licensing is of course dependent on the expected commercial success of a show outside of Japan. The original intent of fansubbers was to boost the popularity of a series by creating fansubs, ideally boosting the expectable commercial success in the hope that a company notices the show and licenses it. Whenever we hear about new licenses, we announce them in our IRC channel or in the news section on to inform our users.
[-] Are you listing digisubs of licensed anime?
 We list English digisub releases for every title until it is known to be licensed in an English-speaking area. We do not delete the existing information after licensing, but we won't add further info on digisubs of that particular title after a license has been announced. The release list will not show fansubs of such titles, but you can still search for them and they are listed on the group pages for reference.
[-] What are "rumored" series?
 We don't always hear about licenses from official sources, so in order to avoid reporting misleading information, we don't count them as licensed until we get a reliable confirmation. We created the "Grand Low Rumor List" to keep everyone informed of the unofficial tidbits we hear about. Fansubs of so-called "rumored" series are still listed, as opposed to known licensed series.
[-] Are you listing corrected versions of fansubs (v2/v3/etc.) together with the original releases?
 Many groups constantly try to improve their work by releasing corrected and improved versions of their fansubs. To avoid too many duplicates, though, we only list initial release dates, unless the rerelease has significant enhancements or differences over the original release, like a DVD source. We will, however, update the file information (size/CRC) to the newest version, usually on request.
[-] Why are you listing file sizes, and what are CRCs?
 To clearly identify a fansub release, we try to list its file size and, if provided by the fansub group, the CRC32 checksum. You can for example use those two numbers to check your file for corruption and to verify which file you have.
[-] I can't find a group I'm looking for on your page.
 We might not know about the group or we intentionally don't list them. Here are a few examples of why we might not list a particular group:

- The group hasn't released an appropriate digisub yet.
- We don't agree with the content on the group's web page / IRC channel.
- The group doesn't have a public web page or IRC channel.
- The group asked us not to link to them.

We want to promote digital fansubs. It is our goal to list as many digisub releases as possible, which doesn't necessarily mean as many fansub groups as possible. Not listing a group does not affect listing the fansubs that group might produce. We will list all fansubs of all digisubbers, as long as the anime in question is unlicensed at the time of release. If you're a member of an unlisted group and wish to be listed, or if you know of a release we missed, please contact us, preferably on IRC.
[-] Something isn't working / I found a mistake on your page / I have a suggestion/question / You missed a release!
 Please don't hesitate to tell us! You can most easily reach us on IRC or via our web forum.
[-] Who are you and how can I contact you?
 We are bayoab, dimeat, HelH, ketsugi, LoreOfSerpents, MSH, N-Bomb, nakee, ninja138, Oldmoon (retired), Ronin, Suzuran and Xenator - a couple of anime fans who want to promote anime in general and fansubs of new and old unlicensed anime.

If you want to get in touch with us, the easiest way is on IRC. Most of us are online all the time. You will need an IRC client, such as mIRC. Please connect to the server and join the channel #animecentral.

If you don't know how to use IRC, if you can't or don't want to use it, you can use our forums as well (requires signup).

In addition, you can reach some of us via email under the address <nick> (replace <nick> with the actual nick of the person you want to reach).