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.hack//SIGN (17) - [Average Rating: 7]
"The story in brief: This guy is in a virtual reality game- "The World". He seems unable to log-out and is stuck there. It seems he has done something bad because the scarlet .." (read more)

Ai Yori Aoshi (15) - [Average Rating: 8]
"Think of this series as the next Love Hina (But acting more maturely). It's about a girl named Aoi, who went to Tokyo to search for a college student named Kaoru Hanabishi. Li.." (read more)

Android Kikaider (1) - [Average Rating: 8]
"Kikaider: The genius robotics professor, Dr. Komyoji has created Jiro (who has the ability to transform into Kikaider)a humanoid robot tasked with the protection of Dr. Kom.." (read more)

Angelic Layer (2) - [Average Rating: 9]
"Oh Clamp, you've done it again. This series is one adapted from a manga from the well known Clamp studio, and my personal favourite of theirs. (I didn't really enjoy X1999, .." (read more)

Aquarian Age (4) - [Average Rating: 7]
"Based on a popular trading card game in Japan, Aquarian Age focuses on a hidden power struggle between 4 groups of super-powered girls. Caught in the crossfire are Yoko and Ky.." (read more)

Ayatsuri Sakon (1) - [Average Rating: n/a]
"Tachibana Sakon, a ningyotsukai (puppeteer), his puppet Ukon, and sometimes Sakon's relative Tachibana Kaoruko, travel Japan solving gruesome mysteries. Ah, the 'mystery' .." (read more)

Azumanga Daioh (10) - [Average Rating: 9]
"Do you like the Simpsons? This is probably the closest Japanese equvalent you'll find with at least a sliver of sanity. Based on a 4-panel comic strip in Japan, this show shat.." (read more)

Baccano! (1) - [Average Rating: 10]
" This anime struck me strange at first...with so many characters{names, faces, backgrounds, etc..)to get to know right off the bat. But, the more I watched, the more obsess.." (read more)

Bleach (1) - [Average Rating: 9.8]
"This is my second favorite anime. Bleach is awsome. Great action, martial arts, comedy and characters.I give Bleach a 9/10.." (read more)

Chobits (14) - [Average Rating: 9.25]
"The anime shows the relation ship between a "Personocom" and a human. Hideki grows up in the rural areas of Japan and decides to go to the city to attend a college. In the cit.." (read more)

Cowboy Bebop (5) - [Average Rating: 8]
"Among authors, you have stylists. You have the trend-setters, the documenters, and the masterpiece-makers. But most novels out there are but "light reading." However, shift.." (read more)

D.N. Angel (5) - [Average Rating: 8]
"Fans of the manga will be very disappointed with this anime. The storyline is butchered and it simply sucks. Some characters, Daisuke & Riku, sound too old and can get annoy.." (read more)

DearS (1) - [Average Rating: 9.25]
"Man!! This anime is really fun!! Sometimes it remembers me Love Hina (cuz of Ren-chan almost naked), but Ive only seen the 6 episodes that Anime-Keep released. Man, this anim.." (read more)

Detective Conan (1) - [Average Rating: 9.5]
"Case Closed: (maybe spoilers) Shinichi, a high-school student is a famous detective and was on a date with his girlfriend Ran. He followed a suspicious man and was.." (read more)

Elfen Lied (1) - [Average Rating: 10]
"Genres: Action, Ecchi, Horror, Mature, Romance, Science Fiction Synopsis: The diclonius (two-horned human) is a "mutant" which is created by humans. They are very p.." (read more)

FLCL (5) - [Average Rating: 7.5]
"NICE ONE!! though really short and not much story into it but i lyk the action!! .." (read more)

Fruits Basket (10) - [Average Rating: 9.57]
"I am soOo surprised that no one is trying to review this series here * >.< * Why !!? This is suppose to be one of the best series outhere, as well as one of my favorite. T.." (read more)

Full Metal Alchemist (2) - [Average Rating: 9.5]
"(Warning: this review has some minor spoilers, but nothing too significant) This superb anime follows the misadventures of two teenage brothers, the alchemists Edward and A.." (read more)

Full Metal Panic (10) - [Average Rating: 8.67]
"I know this anime is licensed so I'm gonna preach! heh. GO BUY THIS ANIME FROM ADV WHEN IT COMES OUT! Full Metal Panic is probably my favorite gonzo show right now, right .." (read more)

Full Moon wo Sagashite (5) - [Average Rating: 9]
"kouyama mitsuki is a 12 year old girl who has a tumor in her throat. She needs to get an operation to live but that may cost her her voice. She loves to sing and wants to beco.." (read more)

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex (3) - [Average Rating: 7.8]
"This is, just like the movie, a hardboiled action packed journey on a road paved with stunning visual 3D effects, and in the speakers is a great sound track by Yoko Kanno, the.." (read more)

Great Teacher Onizuka (5) - [Average Rating: 9.8]
"This series is absolutely hilarious...reminds me of golden boy for some reason. It's about an ex gangster who wants to become the greatest teacher and of course encounters pro.." (read more)

Green Green (3) - [Average Rating: 6]
"This anime sucks. i want to hunt down the people who made this and beat them, the show really should be two minutes long the opening song is good and thats it..." (read more)

Guu (4) - [Average Rating: 9.33]
"An anime about a young boy that lives in the jungle with his mother, and how his life takes a turn for the weirder and more stressful with the arrival of a girl named Guu (sti.." (read more)

Haibane Renmei (1) - [Average Rating: 10]
""Haibane Renmei" (translated as "The Charcoal Feathers Federation"), is the story of a world where humans live alongside the Haibane, two communities of people who are taken f.." (read more)

Hajime no Ippo (5) - [Average Rating: 9.75]
"Animation: A+ Characters: A+ Story: A Music: A Fun Factor: (Hell yeah!) A+++++ Overall: A Story: A Art/Animation: A+ Wow, what can I say about this series. It.." (read more)

Happy Lesson (3) - [Average Rating: 5]
"Many people have compared this series to Sister Princess. Although i haven't watched Sister Princess (not yet that is..going to.), Happy Lesson has a funny story with an outra.." (read more)

Hellsing (2) - [Average Rating: 9.67]
"Don't know if this isn't reviewed for a reason, but I will so there. The anime is only 13 episodes long, but is jam-packed with vampire slaying action. Don't want to spoil.." (read more)

Hikaru no Go (7) - [Average Rating: 8.78]
""Hikaru no Go" is a anime about the famous game in east Asia "Go". Shindou Hikaru a young Highschooler meets a ghost in his granfathers home, the ghost Sai was a former Go-ma.." (read more)

Hoshi no Koe (7) - [Average Rating: 10]
"Basically, everything I want in an anime can be found here. The visual effects, sound effects, characters, storyline, soundtrack. One of the best anime I've watched in my life.." (read more)

Hunter x Hunter (4) - [Average Rating: 10]
"This is from the manga Hunter X Hunter. In a world filled with dungeons and monsters, there are people who seek the legendary power of demons..., they are called "Hunters"....." (read more)

Infinite Ryvius (1) - [Average Rating: 10]
"Very entertaining, Mugen no Ryvius is an anime about a group of 'space cadets' who are stranded in space aboard a derelict cruiser. They want nothing more than to be rescued; .." (read more)

Initial D (5) - [Average Rating: 9.67]
"-= Racing =- Basically, those car lovers out their would wanna watch Fujiwara Takumi, a high school student who delivers tofu every morning, and a driver of an '86 Trueno o.." (read more)

Inu Yasha (4) - [Average Rating: 8.38]
"Story in short: This animeserie takes place in Japan. A young schoolgirl named Kagome finds an interdimensional portal to a Japan of the middle ages. In that world she seem.." (read more)

Juuni Kokki (5) - [Average Rating: 10]
"A story of a girl going to another world after meeting a strange guy and becoming his master (?) Starts in modern Japan and goes into feudal age Japan/China...(sumwhere in As.." (read more)

Kanon (3) - [Average Rating: 6]
"(~Uguuuu~ ^^ -Ayu) This anime centers around a high-school typical nice guy named Yuuichi who returns to a town in the north, a town he hasn't been back to since he was a kid.." (read more)

Kiddy Grade (2) - [Average Rating: 7]
"Each episodes brings you closer to the 2 main character Lumiere and Esclair, as well as the secret past of Esclair ^^. Lumiere and Esclair are part of an organization (GOTT) w.." (read more)

Kite (2) - [Average Rating: 6]
"A gut busting unintentionally hilarious pseudo-shock drama, so over the top and out of touch with concepts such as "restraint" and "characterization," (the most characterizati.." (read more)

Love Hina (4) - [Average Rating: 10]
"Love Hina Comedy, romance, drama, etc. Okay! This is my first review! Here we go! ^_^ In 1998, Akamatsu Ken-sensei came up with a manga series that to this day, people .." (read more)

Mahoromatic (2) - [Average Rating: 9.5]
"This is the story of an android ex-military fighter who, after learning that she must stop fighting or she will cease to work shortly...decides to become a maid. She becomes .." (read more)

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED (4) - [Average Rating: 8]
"Another Gundam serie... If you didn't like previous ones, skip this one also since it's all about Gundams. However, if you enjoyed Gundam Series before, you'll enjoy this o.." (read more)

Naruto (12) - [Average Rating: 9]
"Post here... I like shinboi.. I'll give it a 10! ... Do you agree with me??.." (read more)

Noir (1) - [Average Rating: n/a]
"A must for all anime fans. As an Anime collector it ranks in my top two! It's dark and has a great plot...what more can you ask for? Female assassins without remorse and a plo.." (read more)

One Piece (3) - [Average Rating: 9.5]
"One Piece is about the youg boy, Monkey D. Luffy, who wants to be the king of pirates when he grows up. he starts his jouney alone, but gathers a powerfull crew on the way to .." (read more)

Onegai Teacher (8) - [Average Rating: 9.5]
"The anime series starts off while Kei is lying on the grass near a lake within the city that he lives in. He gazes up at the stars and contemplates about life and the universe.." (read more)

Outlaw Star (1) - [Average Rating: 6.5]
"Outlaw Star: Gene Starwind and his partner Jim Hawking run a small business on the backwater planet of Centinel 3. But all that changes the day that Hilda hires them for .." (read more)

Pita-Ten (5) - [Average Rating: 5.5]
"'Would you like some PitaTen with your sugar?' This anime is very kawaii. Like '15 on a scale of 10' kawaii. One day, prototypical-nice-kid Kotarou has a new neighbor move .." (read more)

Prince of Tennis (6) - [Average Rating: 7.67]
"This is a very enjoyable and pleasant serie. I really liked it, not only i like to play tennis but because graphics, story and personnages in this anime are very good. I recom.." (read more)

RahXephon (13) - [Average Rating: 6.5]
"This is a great series that require an above-average level of intelligence to comprehend. Unlike most anime that show the 2 sided perspective, this series focuses on the main .." (read more)

Read or Die (1) - [Average Rating: 10]
"Read Or Die: Yomiko Readman is "The Paper" a secret underground operative for the British Library with the incredible power of complete control over paper, including the ab.." (read more)

Rurouni Kenshin (7) - [Average Rating: 9.5]
"Story in short: Kenshin, a rurouni (wanderer) and a former Manslayer (also known as Himurai Battousai to his rivals), had decided to leave his past as Manslayer behind him..." (read more)

s-CRY-ed (7) - [Average Rating: 8]
"The story happened in an island called Lost Ground. Because a mysterious incident while back, people on this island have supernatural ability called "Alter (or Altar dependin.." (read more)

Saishuuheiki Kanojo (4) - [Average Rating: 8]
"Wow. After seeing 5 episodes, this show is definitely the best new show I have seen this season. Saishuuheiki Kanoko, or 'SaiKano' for short, is, at its very core, a story a.." (read more)

Sakigake!! Cromartie Koukou (1) - [Average Rating: n/a]
"This anime can be summed up in one word:unpredictable. Based around delinquets at the Cromartie high school in Japan, the series follows the antics of the normal kid Kamiyama .." (read more)

Sakura Taisen (1) - [Average Rating: 7]
"Sakura Taisen (a.k.a. Sakura Wars): The year is around the 1920's and the darkness of the demons have arrived. Now, only the people with large amounts of spirit energy ca.." (read more)

Scrapped Princess (2) - [Average Rating: 7]
"This anime is Awesome! The music is fabulous and the effects with magic is amazing! The lines are cool. Also, Studio Bones have done a great job with the anime. The animation .." (read more)

Seikai no Monshou (3) - [Average Rating: 10]
"First installment of this popular sci-fi series. Seikai no Monshou comes before Seikai no Senki and Seikai no Senki II and tells the story between Jinto and Lafiel and their f.." (read more)

Seikai no Senki (2) - [Average Rating: 10]
"Second installment of the series. I've heard that there was a movie released before this and after Crest of the Stars? Not sure, it was from a very vague source. If anyone can.." (read more)

Seikai no Senki II (2) - [Average Rating: 10]
"The third installment. Yet another different adventure. I can't write reviews worth shit but I'll tell you that this one, even though being the last installment is probably th.." (read more)

Serial Experiments Lain (6) - [Average Rating: 10]
"When you finish watching this 13 episode series, you realize how disappointed you are that, like so many "all flash no substance" anime movies and shows already out there, it .." (read more)

Slam Dunk (2) - [Average Rating: 7.5]
"The story in short: This story begins with Sakuragi Hanamichi, a red hair guy and he's very violent. They who get in his way get beat up severely and they shouldn't mention.." (read more)

Spiral (3) - [Average Rating: 9.5]
"Blade Children....What is the mystery behind them... Well, that's something I would like to know. Spiral is a murder/mystery anime, and of course there are all those devio.." (read more)

Tenchi Muyo GXP (4) - [Average Rating: 8.33]
"This is a new spin off of tenchi where one of tenchi's classmate, who was born with the worse luck (who looks a lot like him) somehow accidently signs up for the galaxy polic.." (read more)

Tenshi na Konamaiki (3) - [Average Rating: 5.5]
"When I first heard the name of this anime I thought it was another Tenchi series. I was completely wrong :p After watching the first three episodes that were released by an.." (read more)

To Heart (1) - [Average Rating: 10]
"A little bit of history about To Heart -- It was originally based on a bishoujo-game (i.e. choose-your-own-adventure pretty-girl dating simulation, with h-endings of course ^^.." (read more)

Tokyo Mew Mew (1) - [Average Rating: 9]
"Tokyo Mew Mew : (no spoilers I think) Tokyo Mew Mew is about these 5 teenage girls that have their DNA merged with an almost extinct animal. On her first date with the.." (read more)

Tokyo Underground (5) - [Average Rating: 8]
"I think this new series is one of the most entertaining animes in production right now. It contains a violent storyline with alot of comic relief which forces the watchers to.." (read more)

Trigun (2) - [Average Rating: 9]
"Trigun is this really awesome anime about this guy, Vash the stampede, or Vash the humaniod typhoon. He is supposedly really violent and bad and the cause of much death and de.." (read more)

Vandread (4) - [Average Rating: 9.33]
"WARNING: This review may contain spoilers. I would recomend not to read it if you plan to see the series. At least not untill you've seen the 3 first eps of Stage 1 INTRODU.." (read more)

Whistle! (2) - [Average Rating: 9]
"In spite the rage of the World cup in Korea and Japan, A new sports anime was released. It is about a boy name Shou, who transfered to another school from the elite-soccer sch.." (read more)

Witch Hunter Robin (7) - [Average Rating: 8.5]
"One of the best anime so far..." (read more)

Wolf's Rain (4) - [Average Rating: 8.33]
"I've only seen the first 5 episodes of this series so far, but "Wolf's Rain" is already shaping up to be one of the more memorable series I've found. The show itself has many .." (read more)

X (5) - [Average Rating: 9]
"Animation: A Characters: A Story: A Music: B Fun Factor: B+ Overall: A X TV series, is an elaboration and somewhat of a revision of the OVA X-1999..." (read more)

Yu Yu Hakusho (1) - [Average Rating: 6.5]
"Yu Yu Hakusho: One day, 14 year old Yusuke Urameshi suddenly finds himself dead, having died pushing a child out of the way of an oncoming car. Since he has such a bad pers.." (read more)


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