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:: .hack//SIGN ::
Reviewed By: kottonkandee

The story in brief:
This guy is in a virtual reality game- "The World". He seems unable to log-out and is stuck there. It seems he has done something bad because the scarlet knights are after him. Something having to do with a pc(personal character) cat.

*perhaps some spoilers*
He meets a girl later who floats above a bed and says she'll be his guardian. He can't see her face. She says he knows who she is. With her help, he can go anywhere in "The World". Even when the adminastrators make a forced disconnection on him, he is still in the game. Does it have something to with the twilight key?

It seemed to be a good anime. Each episode i watch answers some questions from the previous episodes but only leaves me with more questions to be answered. This makes me want to watch more and learn more about "The World", the guardian girl, his player, etc. Very good anime. ^_^

Rating: (out of 10)
Music: 10
Animation: 9
Story: 9
Overall: 9

to twndomn:
So I didn't include his name or anything and it wasn't professinal. So what? I just wanted to let others know about this anime I liked. It's not like I review anime as a job. if you don't like my review, then fine. why don't you write a better one, then? I didn't see your review. All you did was critisize my review.


:: alternate reviews ::

Alternate #1 - twndomn
"To kottonkandee: You use the word 'he' 7 times. His name is Tsubasa. If you want to write the review, you should know the anime well enough to write out main character's nam.." (read more)

Alternate #2 - kikari
"I must say I don't like judging anime by the first episode, usually I give them a try and watch more even if the first episode makes me fall asleep. but this anime, good god, .." (read more)

Alternate #3 - seavida
"While I pretty much enjoyed Noir, Hack Sign just proved to be extremely boring.. How should I put this.. I really want to give the anime a chance so I force myself to keep wat.." (read more)

Alternate #4 - Coca
"As a Everquest* player I find .Hack a joy to watch. I must admit that like others I felt that some episodes was slow and the development of he plot came some what later in .." (read more)

Alternate #5 - Oxygen
"From the creaters or Noir comes a new a enjoyable strange anime called .Hack//sign. The story takes place from a view as if you were IN an online RPG called " the world " in .." (read more)

Alternate #6 - Luffy
"Don't miss this anime. ONly the great music makes it worth a watch, it's maybe the best musik in a anime ever! It's about the boy, who is in this RPG world called "The World".." (read more)

Alternate #7 - zoglog
"This show has very little going for it so far. The Main character reminds me of annoying shinji from evangelion, and the first episode just consists of him running away. This .." (read more)

Alternate #8 - Kerghan
"zog both hack sign and noir are great wtf was wrong with Noir ??? its awesome show have u even finished watching it?.." (read more)

Alternate #9 - UrashimaSenpai
"Pop-in episode 1 of .hack//SIGN and you'll be hooked by the fluidly sharp animation and emotionally pumped soundtrack. However after watching 5 episodes of //, there seems to .." (read more)

Alternate #10 - ActionJackson83
"Just starting to hate it? I already hated it after ep 4. The characters go nowhere in terms of development. What seemed like a concept has turned into a muddled boring mess. .." (read more)

Alternate #11 - DarkTreader
"Ouch... much flaming of .hack//SIGN already. I thought it was a great series, even if it was a bit slow in places (most notably somewhere from episodes 10-19). The idea of b.." (read more)

Alternate #12 - yuki-kun
"Saw the first four episodes. Great concept, but the show itself is boring to watch. What a waste. I was hoping for a more intellectual approach ala Lain, but the show seems ra.." (read more)

Alternate #13 - GoldFulgore
".hack//sign is a great anime. The graphics and visuals are very impressive. The music is also very good. The problem with this anime is the story. While the story is very brie.." (read more)

Alternate #14 - New Kid
"Bad thing : This is the most overrated anime ever ! the story is so boring comparable to noir. heck, even noir has alot more action than this one. hack/sign is all about talk.." (read more)

Alternate #15 - Jim-san
"Whatever people say about this anime being confusing folks, dont get confused ^^ the later two series about "The World" anwsers all the questions.." (read more)

Alternate #16 - Emilius
"At first the series looks really interesting: promising plot, very good animation, excellent music; but after first 4 or 5 episodes action freezes for the next 10; practically.." (read more)

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