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:: Onegai Teacher ::
Reviewed By: Moriya-san

The anime series starts off while Kei is lying on the grass near a lake within the city that he lives in. He gazes up at the stars and contemplates about life and the universe. However it is on this night, where Kei's life is changed forever. While gazing up at the moonlit sky a spaceship suddenly arrives and Kei witnesses an alien suddenly appear on the shoreline of the lake. Afraid, Kei runs away and we watch, as the alien seems to be running after him. Kei falls into the lake and the screen fades to black, as it seems he has passed out underwater. The next day, we see Kei at school seeming to have survived the previous night. Uncertain of whether of the strange occurrence last night was a dream he tries to quickly dismiss the thoughts running wildly in his head. Kei's fellow classmate, Hyousuke suddenly arrives in the classroom with the new announcement that they will have a new national language teacher. As usual, the boys in the class begin to fantasize about the idea that it will be a good-looking female. The teacher then arrives and introduces herself as Mizuho Kazami. Kei soon realizes that his new teacher is the alien he had witnessed the previous night. Mizuho is actually apart of an alien race from outer space that find it is their duty to ensure that humanity goes on the right path and that they don't advance to quickly.

From here a string or weird events occur which then begin to make both his uncle and aunt whom Kei currently reside with and more importantly his principal suspicious about Kei and Mizuho's relationship. The daily struggle of maintaining a somewhat normal relationship takes a turn for the worse as the two are summoned to the principal's office after being spotted in the school's equipment room, alone. In order to avoid expulsion and Mizuho losing her job, Kei confesses that they are actually married in order to keep the secret that Mizuho is really an alien. Upon stating this, the principal believes Kei but says it would be best to keep their relationship a secret amongst everyone in the school. There is also a weird association upon which the principal can relate to Kei and Mizuho's relationship and this is just one of the quirks which makes Onegai Teacher funny to watch. Their marriage also brings up another subplot concerning that of age between the two. Kei is actually 18 years old and suffers from a disease from which he became comatose during 3 years of his life starting at the age of 15. Although his friends think he is the same age as everyone else, he is in fact an adult although quite small in size for his age. This is just one of the subplots that Onegai Teacher presents. However Kei's condition also allows the anime series to express and create a lot of emotion through its characters and storyline. From here Onegai Teacher presents an uplifting comedy and romantic storyline. The character development as the series progresses is quite commendable. The pace of the anime series is idealistic and that helps in allowing the viewers to maintain interest.


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