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:: RahXephon ::
Reviewed By: emperor

This is a great series that require an above-average level of intelligence to comprehend. Unlike most anime that show the 2 sided perspective, this series focuses on the main guy, Ayato and his views on whatever shit that is happening around him. Complex storyline with multiple twists and riddles makes me give it a rating of no less than 4.5 stars upon 5.

Artwork is pretty good and the soundtrack is ORGASMIC (not in the literal sense mind u).

Looking forward to the DVD release of this series. :D~


:: alternate reviews ::

Alternate #1 - Aph
"This anime is overrated. It wants to be something complex like Eva I suppose; but it has failed in many aspect if not every aspect to be interesting. Here are some of the thin.." (read more)

Alternate #2 - twn_domn
"TOO EARLY TO WRITE A REIVEW This site seems to be filled with prejudged people. Usually an anime series composes of 26 episodes. Therefore, as of today (4/30), only 9 episo.." (read more)

Alternate #3 - Van
"Aph's review of RahXephon is pathetic and should be trashed. He realises that the series is 9 episode in out of 26 yet complains about how it "just wants to pile up mystery.." (read more)

Alternate #4 - Zelgadis-sama
"Why RahXephon Won't be the Next EVA I've heard numerous comparisons of RahXephon to EVA, and this review will be in context of those comments. I first want to examine wh.." (read more)

Alternate #5 - Ronin085
"I agree that it is too early to either diss or proclaim an anime this early in the series. With only 10 out of 26 episodes released, many things can happen in the remaining e.." (read more)

Alternate #6 - G0tenks
"Another anime that attempts to bring on the "evangelion" mecha/hard to understand plot/whining hero elements. I've only watched the first 5 episodes because thats all I could .." (read more)

Alternate #7 - ace
""Mecha" designs are abstract pieces of art and not at all robotic-like. Like any anime that came after Eva, Rah-Xephon will also be compared to it. Unfortunately with that k.." (read more)

Alternate #8 - Siegfried/Nightmare
"A nice twist in mech anime. Though it is like Evangelion, it has its own spin on things and should be enjoyed that way..." (read more)

Alternate #9 - JiggyDragon
"In all honesty, this series is about a 7 on my scale from 1 to 10. It IS largely similar to Evangelion in aspec of the Mechas and the plot twists as well as the development of.." (read more)

Alternate #10 - Sierra
"If i should compare this anime to another, i'd say Evangelion... To tell the truth, I didn't like evangelion at all, either the series or movies. But Rahxephon doesn't have al.." (read more)

Alternate #11 - AndrewLB
"Rah Xephon. Well, to be honest, I both very much liked this show and despise it with every ounce of my being at the exact same time. Some of you might be surprised, but thi.." (read more)

Alternate #12 - VisOne
"Those who have reviewed this before belittle me with there ignorant comments. Yes it can be said that RahXephon is very similar to evangelion and personally I think it surpass.." (read more)

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