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:: Azumanga Daioh ::
Reviewed By: omoikane

Do you like the Simpsons? This is probably the closest Japanese equvalent you'll find with at least a sliver of sanity. Based on a 4-panel comic strip in Japan, this show shatters and utterly destorys all your stereotypes and expectataions about the Japanese as a race, culture, and country. If you don't have any, you'll probably learn them, as well! Very educational and funny at the same time.

Now just hope if someone do a fair job subbing this show...


:: alternate reviews ::

Alternate #1 - ace
"Very good anime. Engaging story with a different perspective on Japanese school life depending on which character is focused on. The character designs are way too cute. Eac.." (read more)

Alternate #2 - Orbital
"The anime is great.. Lots of comedy.." (read more)

Alternate #3 - tom
"This anime is unlike anything i have ever seen before. you'll be watching it and all of a sudden you'll think, "OMG, did she just do that.", or "OMG, that guy is such a wierd.." (read more)

Alternate #4 - jexeffectz
"This anime is totally off the hook when it comes to commedy. The characters in here differ in personality. This anime is related to everyday school life in Japan and here in.." (read more)

Alternate #5 - kawaiite
"theyre kawaii! funny! and the script make no sense! (and im addicted to OP theme ^^) azumanga daioh is a comedy about a bunch of schoolgirls and their teachers. each ep. i.." (read more)

Alternate #6 - Bel
"Azumanga Daioh is... different. It is very slow-paced, takes the necessary time to explain each character in depth, and uses a devastating absurd humour. Probably my favourite.." (read more)

Alternate #7 - Keitero-sama
"Azumanga Daioh has to be one of the funniest animes I've seen yet. Not your normal anime with chicks with huge breasts or fighting robots. No this is a great anime with a nice.." (read more)

Alternate #8 - MasamuneXGP
"Premise: 6 high school girls in Japan, living out there lives and enduring the horrors of public education. Plot: 9/10 From all accounts, Azumanga Daioh should be a b.." (read more)

Alternate #9 - GoldFulgore
"Azumanga Daioh is based on the lives of a group of girls in high school. The series is very funny in the way each character lives in their own world. The episodes are based on.." (read more)

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