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:: Kite ::
Reviewed By: Jhoh Cable

A gut busting unintentionally hilarious pseudo-shock drama, so over the top and out of touch with concepts such as "restraint" and "characterization," (the most characterization in Kite is the earrings that the main character, Sawa, wears).

The plot, if it can be called that, involves a sexy ultra young teen named Sawa who is a vigilante assassin hired by some generic deep-voiced bad cop (you can tell he's bad because his eyes are narrow, and Sawa's eyes are huge so she is good, old cliches die hard in bad anime like this). He orders Sawa to kill child molesters and stuff, but controversial (and edited, in certain versions) scenes reveal that he himself is a child molester, having sex with Sawa at the tender age of 12(?!). It's not really clear if those sex scenes are supposed to be erotic or disgusting or what, but they definitely don't help define her character any more or less.

This movie fits easily into the label of "cheap, bad exploitation schlock," the kind of stuff that major studios put out in the summer. In this case, it's actually worse because it has no interesting characters, redeeming scenes (except for the howler where Sawa is thrown out a window, crashes on top of a truck 40 stories below, which explodes, throwing her through another window onto a bed, unharmed). Supposedly it's supposed to create a mood of hopeless youths in a hopeless world. The real impression you get is that it's a hopeless, unfixable plot put out to pander to teens who think that the extreme anime gore is edgy, no matter how stale the concept is.

This movie is almost review-proof, due to its lifelessness, in character, plot, logic, and entertainment value. The best this is for is a late night laugh (preferably alone, I don't recommend that you even let your best friend know you would watch stuff like this), at the unintentional hilarity this generates.

Characters: 1
Art: 2
Story: 1
Overall: 2


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Alternate #1 - ellemnist
"uh... funny? dont think so... it suckz big tym!!! theres nothing into the movie!! just some "scenes". The story is lame... its narration is lame... plot is lame... chracters a.." (read more)

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