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:: Spiral ::
Reviewed By: Riyuen

Blade Children....What is the mystery behind them...

Well, that's something I would like to know. Spiral is a murder/mystery anime, and of course there are all those devious murders our protaginist must solve. This time, his name is Narumi Ayumu.

Ayumu has always lived in the shadow of his older brother, Kiyotaka, a renowned pianist in his teens, who abandoned the piano in order to become a brilliant police officer, with his wife, Madoka. However, soon after he disappeared, leaving only an enigmatic phone call to his younger brother, about the "Blade Children."

A year later, a murder is committed at Ayumu's school, and he's been framed for it! (Lucky his sister-in-law's a police inspector, ne?) Ayumu must solve the murder, and clear his name. But the murders don't stop even after he proves his innocence, and the Blade Children are making an appearence, playing deadly games with his and their lives. To change their destiny, they need Ayumu, but without him knowing his own strength, he will surely fail....*dun dun duuuun*.

This anime has currently jumped up to being one of my favourites. The style is very pleasing, and smoothly animated. While the opening theme is AWFUL, as in ARGH MY EARS awful, don't be deceived, and simply skip it, or turn down the volume all the way. It doesn't do the rest of the music, nor the anime justice.

The characters...well, at first I though Ayumu might suffer from god-mode-itis. You know, he can do EVERYTHING, he's just so PERFECT...I don't know. I'm about ten episodes of the whole 26 in, and I still haven't made up my mind if he's too perfect. I still like him though. The Blade Children are diabolical, yet somehow still likable (to me at least). Ayumu's 'love interest', Hiyono, is actually a cut above the norm for cute big eyed anime girls. She's part of the journalism club, and they use that as an excuse for her to be able to lay hands on practically any information. Heh. But she's can actually think, and while she does play the damsel-in-distress routine once or twice, it's for her own purpose.

Well, as I said, one of my favourites, just underneath Kenshin. Very intriguing, and the manner of deaths, just like any good murder mystery, are certainly....creative.

As fansubs go, a.f.k and Soldats have released 1-9, and they're really good quality, with excellent subs and translations, the normal a.f.k and Soldats stuff. Anime-Kraze has released Eps. 1-17, and I quite like those. On the odd occasion the subs might be a little difficult to read (weird colour combinations). But not very often, most of the time, they're also excellent. Anime Junkies has released 1-18, but I don't like their subbies at all. The font is so ugly! And the translations aren't quite as good as in the other two (Gomen A-J's), for instance, they've translated the names a little oddly, "Rio" becoming "Lo," and "Rutherford" becoming "Witherford." "...." *sniffs* It's NOT Witherford! WAAAAH!!!!!

Yay! Go watch it!


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