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:: Love Hina ::
Reviewed By: Jazzie-kun

Love Hina
Comedy, romance, drama, etc.

Okay! This is my first review! Here we go! ^_^

In 1998, Akamatsu Ken-sensei came up with a manga series that to this day, people not only in Japan, but in America and the rest of the world as well, still talk about. Then, a couple of years later, the anime came up. So, what series is it? The series I am talking about is Love Hina.

For those who don't know, Love Hina is a romance and comedy series. There are 24 episodes, a hidden episode 25, 2 specials - one of winter and one of spring, an OVA series known as Love Hina Again and a live concert. The live concert, I didn't see yet, but I have heard bad views about it. Will I see it? If I have the opportunity, yeah.

15 years ago, Urashima Keitarō made a childhood promise with a girl to go to Tōkyō Daigaku or Tōdai - *1 for short. Legend has it that if a couple attends the school together, they will have eternal happiness. Fast forward 15 years. Keitarō is now 20 and a lot has been going on. He forgot his childhood sweetheart and he is still having trouble getting into Tōdai. He failed three times already.

Somehow, Keitarō gets a job and Hinata Sou, an all-girls resident hall his grandma runs. (I don't like using the word "dormitory" because rearrange the letters and you get "dirty room".) His grandma leaves for a while, pondering about retirement and he becomes kanririn - *2. There are a few girls over there, but the one girl that strikes his attention is Narusegawa Naru. Could she be Keitarō's promised girl or is it someone else?

Art - 10

Please note that this series as a whole lacks originality. I know that is true. Still, the charm, the energy and the fun in the series makes up for that.

Okay! The art is nice as a whole. The backgrounds are so bright and lively. The girls look like girls from various ren'ai (or romance/love) games. By ren'ai games, I mean games like Tokimeki Memorial.

There weren't many flaws to notice here overall. So, it gets a ten from me. Yeah.

Story - 8

If you have seen or read Maison Ikkoku, it's a lot like that. Not something fresh, but still solid never the less.

Audio - 8

I like the music overall. It gives an uplifting feeling. Despite the fact that people say it is forgetable, it's not. The songs are poppy and they're stuck in my head.

The seiyū - nice group indeed. Besides Hayashibara Megumi-sama playing as Haruka, Keitarô's aunt, there's also people like Ueda Yūji-sama playing as Keitarō and Horie Yui as Naru. The dub - don't bother with it. I have heard samples and it made me cringe. You're better off with the original, which is a reason why I deducted some points here.

Fun - 8

You have to love the fact that this series has a lot of spirit. It has an aura that makes people talk about the series still, even though it has been over for a while. Seriously.

Of course, the anime has its problems. Obviously, it's not the manga. You have to remember that Akamatsu-sensei wanted the anime and the manga to be similar, not totally the same. Besides that, Sakata KentarEfelt out of place in the anime. Sure, I like his seiyE(Okiayu Ryōtarō-sama), but I hardly paid attention to him overall. Finally, there's the fact that towards the end and in other parts, the anime starts losing its charm.

Life - 9

Long series, it is worth watching over again. I've watched it a few rounds.

Overall - 9

If you're going to get into Love Hina, watch the anime first, which is enjoyable and then read the manga. That's what I did. If I did it the other way around, I wouldn't enjoy the series as I do now.

I heard a rumor saying that there will be more Love Hina anime soon that will have the sincere ending. True or false? That rumor should be false. In the Love Hina Again soundtrack, there's the cast and the farewells. So, if you wanted a better ending out of the anime, get that particular album. (At least, that's what I have read.)

*1 Tōkyō Daigaku/Tōdai - Tōkyō Daigaku is one of Japan's big universities. It's the Japanese equivalent of like Stanford or Harvard.

*2 Kanririn - manager


Nice art, nice music, nice group of seiyū, the anime is fun overall.


It's not the manga obviously. Besides that, there's the bad dub, the lack of originality, the fact that it started losing the spirit towards the end of the series and other flaws not at the top of my head now.


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