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:: Fruits Basket ::
Reviewed By: LuciFeR`-

I am soOo surprised that no one is trying to review this series here * >.< * Why !!? This is suppose to be one of the best series outhere, as well as one of my favorite.

The story is about one poor and clumsy girl who accidentaly involved in Great Shouma Family's affairs, of which falls under the Twelve Chinese Zodiacs curse. Additionally, a modified story of the cat which is tricked by the mouse, and being abandoned from the original list of twelve animals. If the cursed individual is hugged by the opposite sex, overwhelming shy, or gets too weak - he/she will turn into the one of the particular animal he/she inherited or cursed with.

The main character "Honda Touru", otherwise clumsy - she has a lot to offer to the family. She is such a warm, peaceful and lovely character. She happened to be invited to stay with the Prince of School - the most adorable guy in their school, who is also one of the cursed individual "the mouse". In the house, there is also "the cat" and "the dog" living together - imagine that !!! The story goes with Honda Tohru meeting more and more of the cursed individuals, and become the heart-warmer of those people.

I can go on and on endlessly about this series, but better to watch for yourself - you'll ask for more, trust me! Since it's being licensed, I'll make sure I won't miss the DVD ^^


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Alternate #3 - Darez
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Alternate #5 - feena23
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Alternate #6 - Plainfighter
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Alternate #9 - Kitsune_Freak
"Fruits Basket: (nope no spoilers, nada or not) Tohru Honda is 16 year old orphaned girl who gets invited to live in the house of her classmate, the handsome boy Sohma Yuki.." (read more)

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