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:: Full Metal Panic ::
Reviewed By: ActionJackson83

I know this anime is licensed so I'm gonna preach! heh. GO BUY THIS ANIME FROM ADV WHEN IT COMES OUT!

Full Metal Panic is probably my favorite gonzo show right now, right up there with vandread. It's got everything an otaku like me would want, mechs, action, hot babes, romance, and plot. Based on the 15 episodes that I've seen so far this is one anime that I will not pass up on when it comes to dvd, and I hope there's a season 2 in the making if the series doesn't end at ep 24

overall: 10/10


:: alternate reviews ::

Alternate #1 - tokyoanime
"Full Metal Panic! is one of the years best anime that has come to tv. Sousuke is a young, somewhat dull military agent. He receives orders from his commander to watch over a m.." (read more)

Alternate #2 - kikari
"good show. loved it. comedic. yes. fun. ending? erk..." (read more)

Alternate #3 - jexeffectz
"All I can say is "WHOA" when it comes to Full Metal Panic. The anime packs action, drama, and some comedy. It also gives you a thrill ride, as well as an inspiration to play.." (read more)

Alternate #4 - zoglog
"A Pretty good show with some laughs and some decent mecha action. however this series is severely overrated, but still is a million times better than noir. Hell pokemon is bet.." (read more)

Alternate #5 - snowblind
"I think full metal panic is realy nice one of the episodes are lame but most are realy good... my main reason for posting though is in response to zoglog comment on noir... ah.." (read more)

Alternate #6 - Ronin085
"This is one of the best new shows right now. The anime appears to have taken the good plot from the FMP novels, and the humor from the FMP manga, and combined them into a gre.." (read more)

Alternate #7 - ronin
"i'm not going to repeat other people's schoolgirl-esque gushing over this anime. that would be reptitive and redundant (heh). i'll just state my only real complaint i have o.." (read more)

Alternate #8 - New Kid
"it seems to be a VERY GOOD anime for the first 8 or 12 episodes, cant remember which. but, after passing that point, the anime is becoming more and more stupid. I can't detail.." (read more)

Alternate #9 - Hermes
"To start off, the animation is good. Rather good, in fact. The CG work is particularly well done, and doesn't stand out too much. The character designs are a bit on the annoyi.." (read more)

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