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:: Full Moon wo Sagashite ::
Reviewed By: kottonkandee

kouyama mitsuki is a 12 year old girl who has a tumor in her throat. She needs to get an operation to live but that may cost her her voice. She loves to sing and wants to become a singer so she doesn't want this. also, she made a promise with eichi-kun that she would be a singer.

Shinigami-san(god of death- 2 of them: takuto and meroko) comes and somehow she can see them. Takuto accidentally tells her that she will die and meroko tells her that she will die in a year. mitsuki figures that since she's got only a year to live, she might as well try to be a singer.

takuto turns her into a healthy 16 year old girl so that she can try out an audition thinking she would never pass. she passes the audition and takuto is amazed with her talent.

It was quite a good anime so far. I love stuff by Tanemura Arina but then i mostly like the manga because it's just like clamp's works- they look much prettier in manga form. anyways, this was interesting so far. I wonder about that eichi-kun guy...does he still like her? i know takuto likes her...and what about her singer career? i wonder how that will go too...anyways, enough wondering...this review has thus ended. =P

Rating: (out of 10)
animation: 8
music: 8
art: 9
story: 9
overall: 9


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Alternate #1 - kikari
"Personally, I think this anime wasn't very good. I like the plot, music, and characters, but it's the manga that kicks ass. The animation is the HORRIBLE part of it. It's the .." (read more)

Alternate #2 - awl38
"Great songs, and the VA for Mitsuki has such a great voice. Its nice to hear a female voice that isn't so high pitched. Story is pretty derivative but still interesting enou.." (read more)

Alternate #3 - ZinvyEX
"This is a great series! The main female character's voice actress has a great voice, and is from a little know group called "CHANGIN' MY LIFE". The songs they sing are well .." (read more)

Alternate #4 - mars_fire
"This is really a great series. I love the songs They are superb..." (read more)

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