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:: Hajime no Ippo ::
Reviewed By: ActionJackson83

Animation: A+
Characters: A+
Story: A
Music: A
Fun Factor: (Hell yeah!) A+++++
Overall: A

Story: A
Art/Animation: A+

Wow, what can I say about this series. It's a very addicting and exciting series. In fact I've had a few people say it's like inital D in the ring....err...with better character designs and art heh.

Hajime No Ippo is about boxing, which in my opinion has never been done very well in anime. Well this anime changes all that. It's mainly about Makunochi Ippo who starts off as a nice guy but with little friends, and is always picked on by the school bullies. His life changes when he is saved by Takamura who is a pro boxer. Hajime No Ippo is about how ippo grows as a person, and is a very exciting anime to watch because it goes into great depths about the boxing world, and techniques used in the anime. Very very cool stuff for all boxing buffs out there. I'd say ippo is like a modern day Rocky. He has the same qualities (not very bright, but has a love for boxing), and the best thing is, you can see what's going on inside his mind during fights, as well as his opponent.

What I also liked about this show is the locker room humor,and interactions between the characters. It really reminds me of my high school football days heh.

After seeing 29 episodes there is no doubt that this anime is in my top 3 greatest anime.


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