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:: Angelic Layer ::
Reviewed By: Riyuen

Oh Clamp, you've done it again. This series is one adapted from a manga from the well known Clamp studio, and my personal favourite of theirs. (I didn't really enjoy X1999, and I haven't seen much of Chobits, so...)

Anyway, back to Angelic Layer. Set around the competition, named oddly enough "Angelic Layer" where a "Deus" controls their "Angel" (small dolls, that can only move on the "Layer") and Angels battle against one another.

It's also the story of Suzuhara Misaki, her journey to find herself and her mother, blah blah blah. You know. While the initial plot line may seem simplistic, it's perhaps better, as the series really deals with Misaki, her fights controlling her Angel, Hikaru, on the Layer, and the interactions between one another. The storyline is very sweet, and has very little angst, so if you like warm and fuzzy anime, this one's for you. And despite being set around a game that's all about fighting, it's not that violent (no blood). It's more about the challenge, believing in oneself, and you know, all that other cliche yet classic competition stuff.

While not a very deep anime (wow! You can actually understand everything that's going on!), the storyline is paced pretty well, and it's quite smoothly animated, with only a little reusage of footage - namely the Angel's entries into the Layer. That didn't bug me to much, and everytime my favourite Angel Wizard made his entry, I was watching...very carefully...^_^. It's not very old - the manga first coming out in 1999, and the anime debuting in 2001, and running for 26 episodes. I really do like the fight scenes, nicely paced, and flashy moves. Opening and closing is the expected J-pop, but rather nice J-pop,UNLIKE some other I will not mention. The music over all is rather quiet and fairly cheery, nice and back-groundish.

*smiles* Yes, this one doesn't go into world issues, or into deep philosophy, but I like it. Cute - that describes Angelic Layer pretty much.

***And it has a cool, gentlemanly BISHOUNEN in it! How could I write a review on Angelic Layer, and not mention the Prince of the Layer, Mihara Oujirou!*** ^_________________^


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